Dear Friends
Following the news from the Balearic Government, BOIB 112, published on the 20/06/2020 that no Salas de Fiestas will be allowed to open here in Mallorca this Summer. We unfortunately have to take the decision that Pirates Adventure, Pirates Reloaded and Gringos will therefore not be open.
This is clearly a very difficult decision for us to make however we understand that this is the correct decision taking into account the situation caused by COVID-19. Now is the time for us to act responsibly above any other consideration putting the health and safety of all customers and staff first.
Having worked constantly for 35 years this is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make but rest assured we are now working harder than ever to make 2021 our best season ever.
Once a Pirate always a Pirate!
That was a message we sent out to our 120 staff members, our customers and to the people that sell our tickets ten days ago. As you can imagine it was heartbreaking for everyone but not to be given the opportunity to open has been difficult to take. Not only do they tell you can’t open but you have to make a contribution to the social security costs, really? I’ve spoken to owners of bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, excursions and nobody is happy at the way this is being handled. The more and more this goes on the more and more I think we’re being sold down the river.
I’ve travelled around the island this week and all I see is things closed in resorts that would normally be packed at this time of year. Yes there are small pockets of places that are busy but they’re few and far between.
Take Magaluf for an example, Pirates, Western Water Park, Katmandu, BCM and MCP all closed. A few hotels and bars are open but the majority of the resort is shut. I was contacted this week by the Mallorca Tourist Board if I would do an interview with the Daily Telegraph as there was a journalist staying on the island. Of course no problem I said. I did tell her that I was worried about the summer and would people be disappointed if they came and saw lots of things closed down. But I was positive about next year as I believe that we can all come back bigger and stronger and we should push the message #Mallorca2021.
I know there are lots of great things to see around the island but you’re going to have to hire a car to see them. Like last weekend we went to a restaurant called Ca’s Patro March just outside Deià. A place I’d seen many of my friends go to but never been myself. We were invited by friends and I can’t recommend it enough. You drive down a twisty windy road till you get to the parking and if you’re lucky you’ll get a place and make your way down to the bay. There you’ll find a rocky beach, beautiful blue waters and two restaurants. We went to the one on the left of the bay which apparently was featured in the drama The Night Manager. You have to book a table either at 13.00 or 15.00. My recommendation is book for 15.00, firstly you should get a parking spot from the people that are leaving the early sitting and secondly you’re not rushed to leave for the people arriving at 15.00.
The service was a little slow but that made us enjoy it even more and it was a great afternoon. We even managed to clamber over the rocks to get into the sea after eating. We’ll definitely go back.
Having trumpeted that Mallorca is open for business a few things have happened this week that have put a spanner in the works. Scotland have announced that all people travelling to Spain will have to quarantine on their return. That wasn’t in the plan. As has been the case if an outbreak occurs both here or in the UK there has been a local lockdown. So why didn’t Nicola Sturgeon look at certain regions in Spain and their record on COVID? Spain’s overall cases 253,000, Balearics 2,228 so 0.08%. Total Deaths 28,396, Balearics 224 so 0.07%. Think you’re going to be safer here than there! All of a sudden Newcastle has become Scotland’s favourite airport.
Another change is the obligatory use of masks as of Monday. I for one find them very uncomfortable especially in the heat. But it’s to prevent the disease spreading and creating a second wave we’re told. Ok so why now and not when the lockdown first occurred?
Face masks are not mandatory for children under 6, at the beach, at swimming pools, when carrying out sports activities, or at work unless people are working in public spaces or there is public access. So kids under 6 are suddenly immune? They were locked up for 6 weeks in the lockdown! So all those other exemptions mean the disease doesn’t spread there?
It will be mandatory to wear a mask on terraces, except when eating or drinking. How are you going to police this?
People who are unable to wear face coverings for health reasons are exempt.
Until now face masks were only mandatory in commercial establishments or when social distancing of 1.5 metres was impossible.
Anyone caught without a mask will be fined €100. You can see this going horribly wrong and turning into a complete negative especially for tourists.
Why would anyone want to come on holiday and where a face mask? I know I wouldn’t and I’ve had a few people contact me saying that was the straw that broke the camels back for them. So they have cancelled their holiday.
I’ve seen this week that July and August is going to be really busy with up to 5 million tourists arriving. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yes it does until you actually drill down into the detail. Some of these aren’t coming to Mallorca they’re in transit to another destination but more importantly 4.21 million came in July last year and 4.28 million in August. So we’re looking at 50% of last years arrivals in the supposedly busiest time of the year. Given that number are businesses being offered 50% off of their taxes or social security payments to take staff on?
Another problem with there being a restriction on bars and nightclubs are closed all together. There are more and more illegal parties and botellones(outside street parties) happening all over the island. People still want to party so instead of allowing venues to open and keeping people in specific areas, you’ve created a situation that’s probably worse and the police are struggling to cope. It would have been done properly by these establishments like BCM, Tito’s, Social Club and MCP and if it wasn’t then you could fine them and close them down. But not to be given an opportunity smacks of what I’ve talked about before, they don’t want the nightlife, so what use is a glamorous 4 or 5 star hotel without a resort to go with it?
I have a meeting with the Mallorca Tourist Board next week and I know I’ve been critical of them in the past but I want to help as in my opinion nothing beats this island.
Not to be deterred I’m looking forward to next year, I’ll enjoy all the other great offerings Mallorca has for now and help spread the message of #Mallorca2021.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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Four Cup Finals

Real Mallorca have four Cup Finals coming up starting tonight at home to Levante at 19.30. Then it’s onto Sevilla away on Sunday at 22.00. A week today it’s Granada at home with kick-off not yet announced and finally it’s Osasuna away on Sunday the 19th. You could say that Levante, Granada and Osasuna are mid table and have nothing to play for so they’re winnable. Sevilla away will be difficult as they are pushing for Champions League. But also the temperature there will be very hot even though the kick-off is at 22.00, daytime will be touching 40 degrees centigrade.
Last Fridays 3-0 loss to Athletico Madrid mean they are deep in the mire and are six points from safety. Celta look to have saved themselves now so it looks like it’s 2 from 4, Mallorca, Leganés, Eibar and Alaves.
Mallorca continue with their very impressive advances in Social Media with the news that having become the first club worldwide to give the naming rights to its stadium to contribute to the recovery of the COVID-19 crisis, the Visit Mallorca Estadi initiative has reached over 740 million people across 916 publications according to data collected by Kantar Media.
The transition of the stadium from Son Moix to Visit Mallorca Estadi earlier in June has been in partnership with public insitutions including the Consell de Mallorca and the Ajuntament de Palma, in addition to several private businesses ranging between Air Europa, Borbalán, Federación Empresarial Hotelera de Mallorca, La Liga, OK Group, Molcaworld, Palau de Congressos de Palma and Roc Hotels. This united front will work together for the next 12 months to promote the region alongside the visibility the common brand of the stadium offers.
The kick-off time has been announced for Atlético Baleares v FC Cartagena on Sunday 19th of July at 22.00 at the home of Malaga FC, La Rosaleda. They have already played a couple of warm up games beating Real Mallorca B 1-0 and Felanitx 3-0.
Take care everyone, I’m back at the Weekend.
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online atwww.radioonemallorca.com on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
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Radiothon 2020

It’s been two weeks since the Radiothon so I thought I’d give you an hour by hour account of what actually happened. This has been a difficult year for many people so far and therefore we felt it would be difficult to beat last years total of 25,363.11€. Preparations had gone really well. We had every single hour sponsored, we had 15 varied and amazing auction prizes(the most we’d ever had) and over 50 raffle prizes(once again the most we’d ever had). So that was already over 100 companies or individuals who’d stepped up to help us. Now was the time for us to get the message out there for people to help in any way they could.

7am, Hour 1: We were greeted by Grieg and Sam from the newly reformed Anchor Bar San Agustin. Now if you’re going to be broadcasting for 36 hours the last thing you want is alcohol particularly in the first hour and remember it had only just gone 7am! These boys were having none of it as we were made to taste test some non-alcoholic beer against alcoholic. Non-alcoholic beer has come a long way since the 1980’s when I grew up with Kaliber. Suffice to say we got the test wrong and if that wasn’t enough the boys brought in some of their special shots and all this before most people were awake.

8am, Hour 2: Mark Racine from Electro Marine who have been based in Mallorca for the last 25 years and have established themselves firmly in the power generation and DC distribution market for boats of all sizes on the island. Mark had kindly brought in sausage rolls and a banoffee pie which was just what we needed after drinking first thing. He is a regular listener to the station and had brought a great list of songs.

9am, Hour 3: A2 Dental Portals. Anna comes from Orlando Florida which is always a great starting point of conversation. She’s moved around various different countries including Germany, Poland and Spain. She obtained her Degree in Dentistry in Valencia (UCV) and then returned to Germany where recognized her degree in order to be able to practice there as an Dentist. After a year, missing Spain, she moved to Mallorca and fell in love with the island. We also talked about the new protocol in place for dentists which as we know are always very clean but are doubly so now.

10am, Hour 4: The guys from Pelion Consulting, who are Yacht privacy and maritime cyber security specialists, couldn’t make it in but it gave us a chance to start playing requests that people had asked for. There was also a steady stream of people very kindly dropping in food and drink to help us along.

11am, Hour 5: Nicky Landymore had literally launched her website the night before called Nicky’s Healthy Lifestyle. Her goal is to help as many people as she can worldwide to learn simple daily healthy habits that lead to a sustainable healthy lifestyle & body confidence. A very interesting chat considering we’d already drank alcohol and eaten cakes and sausage rolls that morning. Nicky is very passionate about her work and someone worth talking to about improving your health, lifestyle and confidence.

12 Midday, Hour 6: unfortunately Debbie from the Boathouse in Palma couldn’t make it but she sent in some songs for us to play which we did with other requests we were getting throughout the day. We also had delivered an amazing case of wine kindly donated by Isabel and James from Revival in Son Bugadellas which we immediately put up as an auction prize.

1pm, Hour 7: The guys at Nauti Parts had just got a massive delivery of Seadoo Jet Skis so they couldn’t get in but said they’d come later. They sent in some songs too and we had a delivery of cakes very kindly baked by one of our oldest listeners, 78 year old Ida. Who doesn’t look a day over 50 by the way.

2pm, Hour 8: Bosuns Locker were running around really busy and set us a full list of songs culminating in You’ll Never Walk Alone for Scouse Ian. Jeanine from Es Jardi restaurant kindly called in with a voucher for dinner for two. We’d also asked Paul from Key West in Palma Nova to set up a bar outside, because the hotel was shut and we wanted people to be able to have a drink. Also the guys from a Cancer Support Group Mallorca popped in to say hello and delivered us a beautifully baked cake by another listener the lovely Helen O’Pitt.

3pm, Hour 9: The guys from Crocodile Properties came in to chat about the housing market and how they were looking for new listings. We also had a visit from the Tatasu Turf Cutters and Universal Náutic who were a golfing team that had won last years Pinmar Golf. Part of their prize was to donate money to charity and they’d very kindly chosen us. What followed was totally unbelievable as their donation was 4,575€! Massive thanks to Ady, Martin, Christian, Steven, Leon and Paul. To be honest that was a great lift to us and gave us the momentum to push on. We now believed we could possibly beat last years total.

4pm, Hour 10: Everybody knows the Corner Bar in Palma run by Matt and Penny. It’s a great meeting point and a great bar to spend the night in too. We had a great hour with them playing a great list of songs.

5pm, Hour 11: Byron from Something Borrowed is an all round good bloke. They supply anything for weddings, parties and any other celebration. I used them for a friend of mines wedding and I can’t recommend them highly enough. He is also a DJ and is always sending me music especially the long songs that we wanted to play through the night.

6pm, Hour 12: Helen and Sam from Delicioso had bought in some of their delicious food and a challenge for us to make a cocktail. Mine unfortunately wasn’t as good as Ayesha’s according to the judges. Good fun with the girls and a good hour of music.

7pm, Hour 13. A third of the way through! Helen and Ian from Real Homes have been big supporters of the radio and are always very generous when it comes to anything involving charity. Unfortunately Helen was in the UK but we spoke on the phone. Ian was in the studio though and he was making us his now traditional Rum and cokes to give us a lift. There was a great atmosphere with people milling around the studio, office and the terrace outside.

8pm, Hour 14: Guillermo from Paella Lover is one of the most passionate foodies I know. He’s from Valencia and that means he makes the best Paellas. He very kindly gave us a prize of a cooked paella for 6 to raffle off in his hour too.

9pm, Hour 15: Meg from Stick No Bills was such an interesting person. They are the number one destination for vintage and retro poster art and retro travel poster design. When the war ended in Sri Lanka in 2009 Meg, a former insurgency/security risk analyst, and her husband Phil; an advertising photographer and tsunami survivor, wanted to ‘be the change they wanted to see in the world’ by doing something good for the country and good for them; something original and uplifting that would raise positive awareness about this remarkable island’s rich heritage and stunning natural beauty all around the world. Go to their website or visit one of their galleries to see their amazing collection.

10pm, Hour 16: A couple of our regular listeners Phil and Jaimee took this hour and we chatted and played songs. Last year they bid and won the cruise that we had as an auction prize.

11pm, Hour 17: Lizzie Graham from Natura Cavall had come especially from Manacor to see us which was lovely. She and all the gang there had just completed a 19 day horse ride around the whole of the island. Which to my knowledge had never been done before and they were raising money for the Allen Graham charity.

12 Midnight, Hour 18: Golf pro Peter Ledwidge had told us he couldn’t make it as he was organising a golf tournament that day and it happened to have a free bar. Surprisingly though he made it sober and we had a great chat about golf. Peter knows his stuff and is a great golfing coach too.

1am – 6am, Hours 19 – 24. Were sponsored by Tot Fruti, La Casita Del Mar, ThreadWorks Palma, Premier Design & Build, DreamMakers and Calvia Vet. Unsurprisingly these guys didn’t make it in but we plugged them all and played the songs they asked for. This is what we call the witching hours where it’s just us, it’s dark and you’re tired so it’s hard to keep awake. Lots of people had sent us loads of long songs including Neale Pilkington, Stuart Wood, Stuart Bray and Byron Leversuch.

7am, Hour 25: Paul from Wow yachts brought us champagne and orange juice to wake us up a bit. The sun was up now so we were back in the groove and looking forward to a busy day.

8am, Hour 26: Kev and Lara from El Toro Foods had very kindly brought us in some breakfast. We had a good chat about their new place in Santa Catalina market and Kev’s escapades as a boat captain.

9am, Hour 27: Craig from Palma Jump brought some amazing cookies that his wife had kindly baked. With their facility not yet open because of the lockdown we were looking at all their plans for getting open.

10am, Hour 28: Nick and Charles from Premier Pools & Gardens had brought us in an eating challenge. There were five cakes that all had different flavorings in them that we had to guess. The fish one wasn’t great! Big thanks to the lovely Helen O’Pitt for helping with that, we love you Helen!x

11am, Hour 29: Stuart at Bray Marine is a regular listener and always sends us a good list of music. We talked about the current state of the yacht brokerage and charter industry as Stuart is also a Captain. Nick from Yachting Gives Back popped in to give us an update on the charity and thanked everybody for all their help.

12 Midday, Hour 30: Mr Lee the Barber popped in between appointments and we hit on a great idea for next year. He’ll actually set up a mobile barbers to do haircuts while you wait. Can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before.

1pm, Hour 31: Andy from Liquid Nano blinded us with all the science that goes into all their products. You should look them up because right now with hygiene high on everyone’s agenda they’re a must. The boys from the brand new cocktail bar Origin came in with some unbelievable cocktails for us to try. They open this week so I recommend you pay them a visit on Son Matias beach.

2pm, Hour 32: It was the first time that the boys and girls from the PQ Academy had got together since the lockdown began in March. They treated us to some monologues and songs. They’re a very talented bunch and I hope they will be able to put on their Fame show that I know they’ve worked so hard on.

3pm, Hour 33: Elissa and Mikey from the World of Wine had very kindly set up a bar outside and weren’t short of takers! Mikey sent in a great list of songs and we tried to fit in as many as we could. Always good to chat with them about what’s the go to wines this year.

4pm, Hour 34: Simon from the Meat and Fish Society unfortunately couldn’t be with us as the boat he’s cheffing on was in Croatia. He did though organise a great list of songs for the whole hour. He was listening with all the crew in Croatia along with the owner of the boat a certain Roger Taylor, yes him of Queen fame! Simon also very kindly doubled up his auction prize as we had two bidders who were battling all afternoon. Thank you Simon!

5pm, Hour 35: Hugh Jones from the HSJ clinic was in and we talked about all the treatments they offer in their clinic in Bendinat. He had a real mixture of great music during his hour.

6pm, Hour 36! Tony and Sammi from Deep Blue Sea Training were our final guests and we chatted about all their courses as they had just reopened after the lockdown. It was completely manic in the studio now and bids were coming in left, right and centre. At 6.55 we said our thanks to everyone that had helped us and it all got a bit emotional as we gave out the total. Unbelievably we’d reached 27,586.50€ beating last years record of 25,363.11€. We knew that we still had some more money to collect but could we break 30,000€?

Since then we’ve caught up on our sleep and collected all the raffle tickets and money. Yesterday we drew the raffle and all the winning tickets are on our Facebook page and webpage. After collecting everything I am delighted to say we raised 30, 948.82€! Which is 7,737.20€ each to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Son Espases children’s intensive care unit, Cancer Support Mallorca and Yachting Gives Back.

We are blown away as we are in such difficult times right now, so thank you to each and everyone of you that helped us.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11http://www.radioonemallorca.com.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online at on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!

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Five Star Mallorca!

F014E9C7-0FEC-44D3-AA4B-8E132C7EAFDDAtlético Baleares have a great chance of promotion to La Liga 2. They’ve been in the second division for just four seasons of their history which started in 1920 when they were known as Mecánico FC. The last time they were in La Liga 2 was in the 1962/63 season so it’s been a long wait. They’ve been close on a couple of occasions, back in 2012 when they lost a two legged play-off 3-1 to Mirandes in front of 8,500 spectators in the old Estadio Balear. I remember taking my eldest Jake to the game and really enjoying the atmosphere. Also last season where they went out on away goals against Racing Santander after drawing 0-0 away, a 1-1 draw at home meant they were out.
They finished top at the end of the lockdown, playing 28 games, winning 18, drawing 4 and losing 6. Some might say they were lucky to finish champions but they led the table 18 out of the 28 games so were probably worthy winners. Their opponents in the play-offs are FC Cartagena who finished top playing 28 games, winning 15, drawing 9 and losing 4. They conceded just 19 goals in those 28 games so it sounds like their defence is pretty solid. The game will be played on Sunday the 19th of July at the Estadio de Rosaleda the home of Malaga FC. This is a one legged affair so it’s an unbelievable opportunity to get promotion. If they fail they’ll join the loser in the other game and the six teams that win their play-off games. Then eight teams will scrap for the final place. That includes UD Ibiza who are playing Cornelia and Pena Deportiva who play Marbella. Those games are both on July 18th. It’s very confusing like always but the idea is to win your game!
Real Mallorca are falling victim to some very dodgy refereeing decisions since the lockdown. Firstly there was the clear foul on Dani Rodriguez before Real Madrid’s first goal last week and then on Saturday a very dodgy penalty decision gave Athletico Bilbao a great start in a game which they went on to win 3-1. I said last week it’s not like they’re playing badly and so it proved when they beat Celta 5-1 this week. It was a win they’ve thoroughly deserved and they didn’t look like a team in relegation trouble. With 5 games to go they still need a miracle but they’re now 5 points behind Celta and 6 points behind Eibar and Alaves. You never know!
Antonio Raillo has renewed his contract with the club this week until 2024 which is a piece of good news. This comes on the back of Dani Rodriguez last week and the club seem to be tying down the contracts of their most important players in readiness for a possible return to La Liga 2. Goalkeeper Fabricio on loan from Fulham and South Korean free agent Ki Sung Yueng have left the club after their contracts finished at the end of June. There was talk this week of what would happen to the Coach Vicente Moreno at the end of the season. In the trigger happy world of Spanish football I would stick with him and his back room team even if they do get relegated. They’ve proved that they can get the team promoted once so should be given the opportunity to do it again. It was never going to be easy with the lowest budget in La Liga but I think Mallorca have done as well as they could. It’s not over yet though so let’s hope that’s something we don’t have to talk about.
Mallorca continue to break new ground on social media as they finished in third position for the most YouTube views in La Liga throughout the month of June with a record 2.4 million views.
Blinkfire Analytics’ latest data revealed they had increased their viewership by one million in comparison to May. The 84% escalation saw them leapfrog Real Betis into the third-most watched channel in the division behind just Real Madrid and FC Barcelona respectively. In fact if you add the numbers of 4th to 8th which includes Real Betis, Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Athletico Madrid and Valencia. They don’t add up to Mallorca’s total number of viewers.
Engagement totalled across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms also ranked them in fourth position throughout the entirety of La Liga with an average of 3,500 interactions per post – leaving them behind just FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
The newest figures further underlines the incredible fanbase the club boasts in addition to the exposure it can offer its sponsors.
Take care everyone, I’m back at the Weekend.
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online atwww.radioonemallorca.com on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
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Open for business?

Three weeks ago I wrote, Where’s the Plan? Three weeks later I’m still asking the same question. The Government have been trumpeting that Mallorca is open for business and whilst I think that is the right message to be sending let’s be honest it’s not really open is it? The only place on the island I see “open for business” is Palma and even that’s not fully open. I’ve been around the main tourist resorts and the streets are empty. Hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops are all closed and there doesn’t seem to be a sign of them opening.
There’s about 150,000 workers in the Balearics on the ERTE at the moment with majority of them in the tourist industry and just 5% of hotels are open. I was sent a list of hotels that were opening, considering opening and wouldn’t open in the Magaluf, Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa areas and it doesn’t make good reading. The main tour operators are saying that if and when they get the go ahead don’t expect there to be a sudden rush to the beaches like there was at Bournemouth this week.
But even if the tourists do come what will be open? We need to be careful that this doesn’t turn into a complete negative and actually harm tourism here on the island. All we need is for people to come and send videos back saying the suns out but nothings open.
A lot of people seem to be waiting to see if the quarantine will be lifted in the UK. Which I’m sure it will but then will people travel?
I’ve come up with a list that says they won’t and a list that says they will and at the moment the won’t list is slightly bigger than the will.
The Won’t list.
They don’t feel safe on a plane.
They don’t have the money.
The weather in the UK is hot and sunny.
It’s only a few weeks before the kids go back to school.
The rules and regulations that resorts will have to put into place thus removing the fun element of the holiday.
The Will list
Mallorca is only approximately 2 hrs away.
There’s a price war and packaged and flights are really cheap.
The weather in the UK is wet and windy.
We’ve been on lockdown for 3 months get me to the sunshine.
The other worrying development in the past week is in regards to nightlife. Remember the ban on excessive drinking that was passed in January? Well after moving the goalposts twice over them being allowed to open, clubs are now being told they can’t until a vaccine is found. Which sounds to me pretty severe. I’m now convinced this Balearic Government are anti nightlife and I don’t see any reason to change my mind. I’m all for curbing excessive drinking but there is a better way to do it than is being shown right now. It’s labelled “drunken tourism” and the resorts of Magaluf, Playa de Palma and San Antonio in Ibiza seem to be feeling the brunt of the Government crackdown. It’s in their view part of cleaning up the resorts and making them more desirable. So are we saying the people who drink in more upmarket hotels and posh beach clubs don’t get drunk? I think we know the answer but it will cost you more money.
I don’t get it personally we should be encouraging all businesses to open as they not only adding a service to people arriving on the island but of course employ a lot of people too. Also think about all the other industries behind these clubs who rely on them for future employment. Light and sound, Staging, drinks companies, food companies, glass suppliers, even the ice makers to name just a few. Think what the Super clubs in Ibiza like Ushuaia, Hi, Amnesia and Pacha would do through a summer, that must be eye watering.
So let’s keep them all on the ERTE and all us tax payers will pick up the bill in the future. It doesn’t make sense does it?
Remember that this isn’t a majority government either, they’re working in a minority and need to be seen to be helping everyone right now.
I’m worried for all businesses both big and small being sold something that isn’t quite what it seems and suffering the consequences. The ERTE has now been extended from the end of June until the end of September across Spain but I’m not sure that’s enough for us here. They are going to have to extend it longer here for tourism I’m sure but will that be enough for businesses to survive? It’s a difficult time for everyone and i would urge caution right now.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11http://www.radioonemallorca.com.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online at on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
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Staring into the abyss

Let’s start by looking back at this week last year when Mallorca came back from 2-0 down to Deportivo La Coruña to win promotion back to La Liga. When Abdon Prats hit an 84th minute screamer the whole stadium went completely nuts and the celebrations went long into the night.
Fast forward one year and Mallorca are now staring down the barrel of relegation and a return to La Liga 2. A disappointing 1-1 draw at home to fellow relegation strugglers Leganes meant that there’s now a 3 point gap between them and fourth bottom Eibar.
A 2-0 loss away at Real Madrid last night wasn’t unexpected but it’s another game gone with no points picked up. Mallorca are still playing well but can’t put the ball into the onion bag and right now goals are what they need. It was great to see Luka Romero making his Mallorca debut. He becomes the youngest player ever to play in La Liga, aged 15 years and 219 days. Romero beat the record held for 81 years by Francisco Bao Rodriguez, known as Samson, who played on December 31st 1939 aged 15 and 255 days for Celta Vigo against Sevilla.
Born in Mexico, to Argentine parents, Romero moved to Andalusia, Spain, at the age of three. He moved to Formentera at the age of seven, and started to play for Ibiza team Penya Esportiva Sant Jordi.
In 2011, Romero had a trial with Barcelona but could not sign as he was under 10 and did not live in the area. In 2015, he signed an eight-year youth contract with Mallorca at the age of ten. In his first four years at Mallorca, Romero scored 230 goals in 108 matches. Hopefully when he turns 16 Mallorca can sign him to a professional contract and get decent money for him before a big club comes in.
Only 7 games to go for Mallorca and it’s hard to see them getting out of the mire.
Home: Celta Vigo, Levante, Granada,
Away: Athletico Bilbao, Atlético Madrid, Sevilla, Osasuna.
Good news for Mallorca this past week was Dani Rodriguez signing a new contract with the club until 2023. For me he was the player of the year last year and the goal he scored against his old club Albacete in the play-off semi final was an absolute screamer.
One thing that is probably effecting Mallorca more than other clubs is the lack of fans as there’s no doubt they helped with the promotion push last year.
La Liga sent clubs a protocol detailing how to manage fans returning to games this season. Included in the measures are 5 arrival slots, from 1.5 hours to 15 mins before kick-off and fans will leave according to their row, with those closest to exits allowed out first.
All will have to have temperature checks, wear masks and stay in their seats. They’ll also be given specific toilets to use. All stadium retail outlets will be closed and Clubs will decide which fans use up their allocations.
Atlético Baleares will find out this evening how they can progress to La Liga 2 in the Segunda B play-offs draw. Sad news from the club this week was that Scottish U-21 International Jordan Holsgrove has had to go back to his parent club Reading and therefore can’t play in the play-offs. We’ll also be looking out for the opponents of UD Ibiza and Pena Deportivo who are also looking to get promoted.
My two, Jake and Jude signed their contracts this week with CD San Francisco. Jake entering his fifth season with the club and Jude his third. Exciting news from the club this week was last year they won a competition set by Palma City Council to get their facilities upgraded. This week the Council came to settle the last of the plans and so it looks like a new pitch will be laid in September.
Great news for all the players as right now the surface isn’t the best.
Take care everyone, I’m back at the Weekend.
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Schools Out For Summer!

This week my kids officially broke up from school, although unofficially they’ve been off since March 14th when the lockdown started. During this time they’ve been given work by each of their schools, we’ve paid for extra teaching and my Wife and I have tried our hands at homeschooling. My Wife having a lot more success than me it has to be said.
I thought this would be a good time to speak to a teacher and find out her views on what has been going on during the lockdown and what is planned in the future.
Huge thanks must go to Josie Grant who I’ve known for a few years and have interviewed on the radio. She works for a state school called CEIP Na Caragol in Arta – its the only school in Mallorca (there are 68 in the whole of Spain) that offer a project with the British Council- started in 1996, to give the kids a better chance in life (they mainly chose less fortunate areas). They normally teach half of their schooling in English (well a third here because of catalan). It’s not just teaching English – its a mix of the British and Spanish curriculum’s and she teaches in English.
I asked Josie a series of questions and you can see her answers in bold.
Lots of parents have had to home school their kids with varying degrees of success. They probably understand more now the pressures teachers are under So how would you say from what you’ve seen and heard how well the parents have done? Personally I would say the parents have done an amazing job.  Many parents were having to work from home at the same time as helping their kids with learning- so that of course, was a major problem for many families.  Some age groups meant that the kids could get on with the work that the teachers provided without much help ( i guess more just checking the kids were actually DOING the work and not playing some online game), whereas the younger years really do need someone beside them to help them with the given tasks.  For some parents it has been impossible – could be that they don’t have access to computers (our school did actually supply those families with a laptop) or it could be that they have 3 kids and only one device etc etc.And for sure there are those parents who just felt unable to do it – its a world they don’t know and they maybe don’t have the headspace/or felt they were constantly fighting with their child rather than actually getting anything done (I am sure there have been parents who just did the work for their child to have an easy life!)  Parents are NOT teachers so it has been hard for them.  We give constant feedback and help the parents who are struggling as best we canWe would speak to the parents (individually) once a week to check how things were going and then could help to fix any problems their child was having.  We also speak once a week to each child.  Then there are also the zoom sessions and online virtual classes where they all participate.
Parents moan every year at the time kids have off in the summer normally but this year I’m sure it will be worse as it will be nearly 6 months away from school. What Would you say to them? ha ha Have patience.  Yes the summers are longer than the UK but you have to also take into account we dont have any half terms – so I think at the end the Spanish kids only actually get 2-3 weeks more of holidays than the kids in the UK.  The summers are the long ones because it is so hot – many state schools have no air conditioning etc  And now with it being nearly 6 months in total , and it seems many summer camps have also been cancelled – its very hard for the families.  To keep children entertained can be exhausting and costly, and I know there are many families who are having major struggles with this – especially when the tourist industry opens the doors again and many parents will have to work.  This could mean that the kids get dumped with grandparents or older siblings to be looked afterI wish i had a solution to this problem but there are so many different cases for families that it is hard to find a solution. 
Do you think the lockdown will have an effect on kids of certain ages? Definitely.  Especially for the younger years.  The children who start school at 3 (first year infants) always have a period of adaptation into school life etc.  Now ALL three infant groups will have had so much time off school at home with their parents that they will all need to re-adapt to school again. That will obviously slow the learning process down as we will need to re-teach all the rules of the school/classrooms etc and they will need to re-adapt to being away from their parents again…….  The older kids, although they have worked hard, its not the same as being in school – however I feel they will adapt easier and it wont take them as long to “get back into the swing of things”.  Its also a concern that the kids could have developed bad studying habits which we will have to fix.
Who would you say organised home schooling better, public or private schools? I can only speak of the public sector but i would say pretty much the same – maybe the private schools were at an advantage in that they have better equipment and used the computers more when they were in school.
Is there a protocol set yet for the return of the kids in September? At the moment we are setting up the school to start in September with reduced classes (they would all go to school but each class would have max 15 kids) obviously this puts a lot of pressure on the schools with limited staff etc And still nothing is completely confirmed as we dont know for sure what the situation with COVID will be in September. It could be that everything is back to normal (we WISH) but we have to set up as if it wont be.  Also the amount of work this takes means that it is likely to be that way for the whole academic year 2020-2021 as its a major job that can’t easily be undone without  another whole reconstruction of the school – its not as simple as “just go back to what it was”, timetables have been put in place, groups have been made etc etc
How will the schools manage social distancing? with extreme difficulty.  The older ones will be able to adapt as they have a better understanding of the whole situation.  But the early years is virtually impossible – how can you tell a 3 -6 year old child to not hug/hit/play with his classmate? If the child is upset are we not allowed to hug and console them? These are questions we are also still waiting to see what the Conselleria will advise.  We will obviously all have to wear masks/sheilds and the older children will have to wear masks too
How long do you think it will take schools to get back to normality like it was before the lockdown? like i said in a previous answer it will probably be the whole year – it will at least be the first term, but my school is preparing for the whole year given the amount of re-organisation involved.
I would like to add that its important to see our side of the story too – as a teacher of early years I dont rely much on online resources – yet i have had to learn to use many new programs, come up with creative ideas that can be done from home (teaching English to kids who can’t really read or write makes this a huge challenge), also many families have limited resources and shops were not open to buy paper/pens/glue etc etc.  So i promise you, I have never worked as hard in my life! Plus we had to have constant contact with the students and their families – then all the online department/ whole school etc meetings- it felt never ending…..
PS – i know you love to complain about the long holidays – i challenge you to do my job for a month and see what you say after that! hahaha we NEED those holidays otherwise no teacher would return in september!!!!
Once again a massive thanks to Josie for answering the questions in such an honest manner. I for one have learnt a lot from what she’s said. In reference to her PS, I’ll stick to what I know thanks and tip my hat to all school teachers out there and look forward to you taking my two back in September!
When you’re reading this Ayesha and I will be halfway through our 36hr Radiothon so don’t forget to support us in any way you can to help our amazing charities, thank you!
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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The Pressure is on!

D02F17EA-CBFA-42B6-8EE4-CABCEB177F80To be honest only the most diehard fan like me would have predicted a Mallorca win over Barcelona at the weekend. A home win against Real Madrid earlier in the season gave us some hope but unfortunately that hope was to last just 65 seconds. Give a team like Barca that early advantage and you’re dead and so it proved. I was slightly unsure of the starting eleven. Sastre at left-back was given the run around in the first half. Understandably out of position but didn’t look comfortable and was substituted at half time for Fran Gamez who looked a little more capable. Pedraza instead of Baba didn’t work either in midfield. I know Baba was coming back from injury but fit enough for the bench fit enough for the game for me. He ran the midfield against Real Madrid and might just have closed down the pass that led to the first goal. Upfront we were toothless with neither Budimir or Cucho posing a threat. Kubo was our most dangerous attacker and had two good chances in the first half. Let’s face it we’re not in their league, all you have to do is compare the two playing budgets. Barcelona’s is 671 million euros and Mallorca’s is 30 million euros(the lowest in the league).
I’m sure questions were asked about how in a stadium that is closed a fan managed to get on the pitch? Apparently it was a dare from his mates and he managed a selfie with Barcelona player Jordi Alba before finally being caught by security. His aim was a selfie with his idol Lionel Messi as he was wearing a Messi Argentina shirt but he’ll have to make do with a 3,000€ fine and a football stadium ban.
I liked the way the tv had superimposed a crowd and added in crowd noises it made the experience more lifelike and better than the Bundesliga.
Be interesting to see what the Premier League does differently to the Germans and the Spanish.
Sky Sports have announced that they have created a range of optional crowd noises and chants for viewers ahead of the Premier League’s return tonight.
With matches set to take place behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, there have been plenty of discussions over how to improve the spectacle for supporters. They will introduce a crowds feature in partnership with FIFA 20, which will give viewers the choice between added supporter or stadium noise along with commentary. In addition, a ‘Choose a Chant’ feature will allow fans the opportunity to vote on what song should be played, with the ability to opt between club anthems or player-specific chants.
Fans on big screens and specific cameras to celebrate towards are some of the other “broadcast enhancements” that will be used too. Sky have always been ahead of the game when looking at enhancing the game for the armchair fan so I’m looking forward to see what they do.
Last night Mallorca played away in Villareal, less than 72 hours after their Barcelona gubbing. Vicente Moreno shuffled his squad by making 5 changes from the starting line-up on Saturday. Sedlar came in at left back with Fran Gamez moving to right back. The midfield was completely different, Dani Rodriguez was banned after a yellow card so in came Lago, Febas, Baba and Pozo. Kubo moved up front with Cucho and Budimir dropped to the bench.
Also on the bench was Luka Romero the 15 year old dubbed the Mexican Messi and one of the most exciting young talents in Spain. He can’t sign a professional contract until he’s 16 in November so Mallorca are currently paying him a monthly salary and have rented an apartment on the island for him and his family.
Mallorca were unlucky not to go ahead after a dipping shot from Baba from outside the box hit the bar. Not long after though they went behind when they again failed to cut out a cross that was scrambled home by Bacca. Mallorca dominated the second half making 5 changes at varying times including taking off Kubo which I didn’t understand as he’s been our best player in both games. Another dipping shot from Baba came back off the bar and Cucho missed a far post volley into an empty net which summed up their night. A draw probably would have been a fair result but a 1-0 loss puts pressure on the Manager and his team. Attention turns now to Friday at 19.30 and a home game against relegation rivals Leganés. Now if ever you wanted to describe a game as a six pointer then this is it.
Jacob my eldest was invited back to his club last week to find out the schedule for their return to action. They’ve been given a training plan from now until week beginning July 27th when they are expected to return to pre-season training. All down to how the virus behaves over the coming weeks of course but it gives him something to look forward to. In fact I’ve agreed to join both of the boys on their pre pre-season so if you see me running up the hills of Santa Ponsa then please stop to check I’m ok!
Take care everyone, I’m back at the Weekend.
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Because of the Lockdown we had to move the Radiothon from May into June. Next Friday the 19th at 7am Ayesha and I will begin our 36hrs of non-stop broadcasting finishing at 7pm on Saturday evening. Our aim is to beat last years total of 25,363.11€, which in the current situation will be difficult but we’ll give it a good go. One thing I’ve learnt during my time here on the island is there are lots of very generous people out there. I’m pleased to say we have every hour sponsored , so a big thank to The Anchor Bar, ElectroMarine, A2Dental, Pelion Consulting, Herbalife, The Boathouse, Nauti Parts, Bosuns Locker, Crocodile Properties, Corner Bar, Something Borrowed, Delicioso, Real Homes, Paella Lover, Stick No Bills, Phil & Jamiee, Natur Cavall, Peter Ledwidge, Tot Fruti, La Casita Del Mar, Threadworks Palma, Premier Design & Build, Dreammakers, Calvia Vet, Sea Shuttle, El Toro Foods, Palma Jump, Premier Pools & Gardens, Bray Marine, Lee the Barber, Liquid Nano, Pauline Quirke Academy, World of Wine, The Meat & Fish Society, HSJ Clinic and Deep Blue Sea Training.
The Radiothon was set up in 2015 when Jo from our office asked the Breakfast Show if we would consider broadcasting for 24 hours for charity. This challenge was duly accepted and the Radiothon was born. For the first 2 years we raised money to help the Pirates Charity Premiere and their charities. When the Premiere stopped in 2016 we decided to keep the fundraising going by setting up The Jacques Sasson Foundation. Jacques will be best remembered for his invention of the Pirates Adventure show in Mallorca and employed me in 1994 and i’ve worked there ever since. Now we can’t do this without your help so they’ll be plenty of ways you can support us. For a minimum of 5€ you can pay for a song to be played, you can challenge us to do something, buy raffle tickets at just 1€ each, bid on an auction item or just make a donation. If anyone would like to donate an auction or raffle prize then we would be delighted to hear from you.
The following charities have benefitted from our previous Radiothons;
2015:  Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, The Paediatric Ward of Son Espases Hospital, Salvation Army, Shambhala Foundation.
2016:  Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, The Paediatric Ward of Son Espases Hospital, Calvia Lions, Help 4 Heroes.
2017:  Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Son Espases Intensive Care Unit, SOS Animal Mallorca, Fundacion Nazareth, Club Vidalba.
2018:  Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Son Espases Intensive Care Unit, Asociacion Ondine, Feliz Animal Andratx.
2019:  Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Son Espases Intensive Care Unit, ASPANOB, ASDICA.
The total raised in our Radiothons so far is 106,200.59€.
This year’s Charities will be Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and their COVID Emergency Appeal, Son Espases Intensive Care Unit, Yachting Gives Back and the Cancer Support Group Mallorca.
Great Ormond Street
Pirates and the Radio at a later date have been supporting GOSH for 15 years now.  So far we have raised 748,804.50€ and in that time the money has been put to many different projects including a Pirates treatment room. More recently the money has been spent in four main areas: rebuilding and redevelopment of the Hospital; research (GOSH are currently embarking on a 5-year research strategy to target rare diseases in childhood); latest and replacement medical equipment; parent accommodation and support services for families and patients. This year the money will go towards their COVID Emergency Appeal and we are very proud that we will pass the three quarters of a million euro mark for GOSH.
Son Espases Intensive Care Unit
We have been working with Son Espases for 5 years now and this year we are helping the only Child Intensive Care Unit in the Balearics. Our first donation to the Paediatric Ward of Son Espases Hospital was used the money to redecorate the doors of each room with cartoon characters making them look less like hospital bedrooms. Something we learned very early on our many visits to Great Ormond Street was the biggest challenge was to make the hospitals look less like hospitals so the children could relax. The second year we helped redecorate a new pirate ship-themed CAT scan in the Paediatric Department. Some 350m² of decorative vinyl wrapping gave Son Espases entry into a very select group of hospitals to implement such an idea, alongside the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, the Hospital Municipal Jesus in Rio de Janeiro and Hospital San Juan de Dios in Barcelona. In each case they’ve proven that this fantasy décor creates a warm, inviting, relaxing atmosphere and reduces levels of anxiety – making life easier for patients and professionals alike. Over the last three years we have been helping the intensive care unit firstly with murals above the beds of the children. And for the last 2 years we have helped build a rest room for the parents of the children being treated by the intensive care unit.
Cancer Support Group Mallorca
Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG) is a registered association that was formed to help the expat community in Mallorca. Being told you have cancer, or that your cancer has returned, can leave you feeling shocked, upset and very isolated. There are so many questions to be answered and so many feelings to deal with. So their aim is to help patients, carers and anybody who has been affected by Cancer. Mainly by reducing stress, increasing your sense of control over your own life, improving your self-esteem, reducing loneliness and providing practical help. Krista, Rebecca and their team do amazing work and one of things main things I got back from them is please can you spread the word to let people know that they exist.
For more information please go to www.cancersupportmallorca.com
Yachting Gives Back
Yachting Gives Back started a year ago as a food-raising campaign in which the yachting industry, including yachts, service companies and anyone else, could help to alleviate the serious problems of poverty and hunger in the Balearics. As well as food, Yachting Gives Back now collects clothes (adults and kids), bedding, toiletries, cleaning products and toys. They work with several local charities, including Associación Tardor, a social dining room serving 300 meals a day which has recently opened a new homeless shelter in Palma, Mallorca Sense Fam, a food bank which delivers foodstuffs to underprivileged families, Shambhala Fundación which works with vulnerable young adults and JoyRon Foundation helping Mallorca’s children in need.”
Nick and his team have done an amazing job in a short amount of time.
For more information please go to www.yachtinggivesback.com
We have an incredible list of auction and raffle prizes which are listed below.
Auction Prizes
Second Hand Chevrolet Aveo 1.2 Car. Daisy & Mike, Quality Used Cars Son Bugadellas
A days Charter 10-6pm for 8 people with Skipper(Food & drink not included) Azzura Yachts in Conjuction with Tristan at Prosperity Real Estate
1 hour sightseeing flight over Mallorca for up to 3 passengers Jonny Balearic Helicopters
Golf resort voucher for 2 x 3 days accomodation and golf unlimited(Flights not included)  James Arnold & the National Golf Resort in Lithuania.
Jeroboam of UP Ultimate Provence Rose wine from France. Elissa & Mikey World of Wine
RAD 4 Inflatable Clair & Russel Nauti Parts
A table for up to 10 people with a Magnum of Champagne Martyn Social Club Palma
A day with Golf Pro Peter Ledwidge Peter Ledwidge
A day in the life at Radio News Hub in Leeds UK Radio News Hub Team  
Meat Lovers Basket Simon at The Meat & Fish Society
4 nights in Villa Blanco in Cala Murada (available Oct 2020 – March 2021) James at Mallorca Villa Management
1 day learning to Jet-Ski with the use of a Jet-Ski Clair & Russel Nauti Parts
You can bid on auction item by sending a message via our Facebook page or by texting me on 670 704 311.
Raffle Prizes
2 Return flights to UK Tui Flights
2 Return flights to UK Jet2.com
6 months satellite TV subscription GNTV
Family Passport for 2ad & 2ch Katmandu
1hr Physio or Acupuncture treatment Mallorca Physiotherapy
50€ Voucher Dunns Butchers Santa Ponsa
Pedicure Spa with Shellac Mes Per Tu
Hot Stone Massage  Mes Per Tu
Pirates Adventure 2ad & 2ch Maindeck Pirates Adventure
Pirates Reloaded 2 adults Maindeck  Pirates Reloaded
Gringos 2 adults Standard Gringos
Anti-Ageing Facial plus Manicure & Pedicure Denise Beauty Salon
2ad 2ch Entrance to Western Water Park
2ad 2ch Entrance to Marineland
2ad 2ch Entrance Aqualand
1 Months Free Subcription  PQA
3 x 1 hour Private Lessons  Renegade Martial Arts
3 x 1 Hour Kick Boxing Classes Shinkai Gym Santa Ponsa
Newly embroidered Soft Shell jacket  Threadworks
Newly embroidered Soft Shell jacket  Threadworks
2ad 2ch Entrance to Palma Aquarium  Palma Aquarium
2ad 2ch Entrance to Palma Aquarium  Palma Aquarium
1 Hour Elasko Stretch Fitness Class  Louise Middleton
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1 Hour Wake Boarding Lesson Mallorca Wake Park
50€ Voucher TotFruti Palma Nova
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50€ Voucher Mr Lee the Barber
Raffle tickets are available at just 1€ each from the Radio Station & various places around the island. Ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction. We can also deliver them to your home or workplace. The draw takes place two weeks after the Radiothon on Friday July 3rd.
You can come and join us at the studio at the Wave House Hotel if you wish or listen into the fun on all the ways below.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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Visit Mallorca Estadi


Tomorrow evening La Liga restarts with the Sevilla derby, Sevilla v Real Betis kicking off at 22.00 our time. All games will be behind closed doors and all eyes here on the island will be on Real Mallorca v Barcelona on Saturday evening at 22.00. There have been calls for fans to return to games depending on how their region has coped with the virus. That would mean we’d be ahead of most teams when it came to a return. Interesting that they changed the name of the Stadium this week to Visit Mallorca Estadi. It’s an initiative to bring more tourists to the island and I’ve always said that having Mallorca in the top flight will attract tourists to watch the football. It will run for the rest of this season and next as well. Remember that Mallorca don’t own the ground, Palma City Council do, so I see it as a way of leveraging talks over the redevelopment of the current stadium or looking for a site for a new one. Either way it’s a great gesture from the Club.
Players that won’t be available for Mallorca are, left-back Lumor who is unfortunately out with a torn calf for the rest of the season. Abdon Prats the hero of last years play-off win over Deportivo La Coruña is also out for up to three weeks with muscle problems. Not such bad news for Barca with their coach Quique Setién speaking about the fitness of the returning Luis Suarez. “He could start against Mallorca but it would be ‘reckless’ to let him play all 90 minutes”. He’ll be back partnering Lionel Messi who is once again the league’s leading scorer (19 goals in 22 appearances). Along with Antoine Griezmann they make a formidable front three who destroyed Mallorca in the Nou Camp 5-2. Messi got a hat-trick and Suarez and Griezmann one each.
Setien’s resources are especially stretched though in defence. With Clement Lenglet suspended and Samuel Umtiti returning from the latest of many injuries, Gerard Pique could be the only available central defender for Saturday’s trip.
Young Uruguayan Ronald Araujo, who was sent off 14 minutes into his only previous first-team appearance, could be thrown in at the deep end. I’m looking forward to the game, it’s a shame we can’t be there but I’d take a draw now if you offered it to me.
The Full Fixture List, kick-off Spanish times;
Thursday 22.00: Sevilla v Real Betis
Friday 18.30: Granada v Getafe
Friday 22.00: Valencia v Levante
Saturday 14.00: Espanyol v Alaves
Saturday 17.00: Celta Vigo v Villareal
Saturday 19.30: Leganés v Real Valladolid
Saturday 22.00: Real Mallorca v Barcelona
Sunday 14.00: Athletico Bilbao v Athletico Madrid
Sunday 19.30: Real Madrid v Eibar
Sunday 22.00: Real Sociedad v Osasuna
RCD Mallorca has recorded its highest-ever data for monthly engagement across social media during May. According to analytics, RCD Mallorca was ranked fifth among La Liga clubs for engagement across all social channels with an impressive average of 2600 interactions registered per post. Sitting behind just FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Real Betis for views totalled throughout the month, YouTube exhibited the largest growth of all platforms considered, totalling 1.3 million views despite the continued suspension of competitive football due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
That’s very impressive considering they’re the 16th best supported club in La Liga with an average of 14,159 and are currently lying in 18th place in the league.
The Segunda B play-offs featuring Atlético Baleares, UD Ibiza and Pena Deportiva will be held in Marbella, Malaga and Algeciras. The games will be played on the 18th, 19th, 23rd and 26th of July and the draw will be made on June 25th in Marbella.
Take care everyone, I’m back at the Weekend.
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online atwww.radioonemallorca.com on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
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